Hell’s Kitchen Betting

See if you can find the right recipe for success using our Hell’s Kitchen betting guide.

Hell’s Kitchen is an American reality television cooking competition (based on a UK format) broadcast on Fox and hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Betting on Hell’s Kitchen

hells kitchen logoThe series begins with the contestants split into two teams, a red team and a blue team, competing in various cooking challenges.  After the players are split into teams, the series begins with each chef preparing a signature dish and presenting it to Gordon Ramsay to taste.

From this first challenge you can get an idea of which Chef has a natural cooking flair. Getting the basics right is a must, having a dish that is a little too bland is fine as this means the chef has room for development, getting a dish that has too many flavour elements is a worry though, if your contestant is doing that from the start you and Chef Ramsay will worry about their palate.

This challenge is also the first time we get to see how the contestants respond to criticism,  this is key to the betting. Chef Ramsay is a very vocal man, a man used to his own way, any contestant who doesn’t take the criticism well and responds verbally is unlikely to last.  This is because they seem unwilling to develop and also because Chef Ramsay does not like to have his authority challenged unless he is purposely trying to ignite a spark or a passion in someone.

Ramsay is Boss

Hell’s Kitchen gives Ramsay the power that no other Judge has in a reality TV show. Ramsay, instead of a full panel of judges or a majority vote by the contestants, decides everything. Ramsay has the power to override the basic format of the competition, such as ignoring the losing team’s nominations for elimination, eliminating contestants from a winning team, eliminating contestants in the middle of dinner service, or changing around team members.

Each remaining episode begins with a team or individual challenge; the winning chef or team may get a reward, while the losing team or players are required to perform some form of manual labor, usually consisting of kitchen duty in preparation for the dinner service, but may also be cleaning the dormitories or decorating the restaurant for a particular event. Then we go into a full scale dinner service where Ramsay does not cook but controls the kitchen as a Head Chef type and barks orders at the contestants.

After the dinner service, Ramsay will select the winning team who are safe,while the losing team must decide who is their weakest member. Alternatively, if the service is exceptionally bad (or good), Ramsay may declare no team the winner (or name the teams as joint winners), requiring both teams to nominate someone for elimination.

What Type of People Do Well?

As stated before sometimes Ramsay overrules the nominations and chooses someone else entirely, and in rare cases of an exceptionally good service, will not eliminate any of the contestants.

One thing that can be done is by looking through history you can develop a certain idea of what kind of contestant Ramsay is looking for.

Chef Ramsay shows no gender bias, but he does favour a certain age group, The oldest ever winner of the show is Dave Levey at the age of 32.  This means that anyone over this age must generally by discounted from your betting portfolio.

If you keep these things in mind you might just find you hit the right balance of betting ingredients in making your portfolio a success.