Have You Tried Poker Pursuit?

There are dozens of different casino styled games that are based on the game of poker, and today I am going to be looking at what Poker Pursuit has to offer you, for it is a popular game and one that you can soon get the hang of playing.

It will however be at online casinos that have the suite of Microgaming designed games on offer that you will find Poker Pursuit available at, and it is a game offering both low and high-stake staking options.

The way in which the game has been designed is that you are going to be hoping to form one of the winning hand combinations that are all listed on the top of the game screen, those winning hand combinations do vary in size depending on just which hand you do manage to form.

To set the game into live play you need to first decide the coin value you wish to play for, and then once done simply click onto the Deal button, and when you do so three random cards will then be selected from the fifty-two cards in the deck and they will be displayed face up on the screen.

You are then faced with making one of two different betting decisions, you can choose to call the best and by doing so an additional card will then be dealt out to your hand, and by using that playing decision you will not have to pay for that additional card.

However, if you feel you have will form one of the winning hand combinations or already have done so, then you should click onto the Raise button, but doing so you will then have to pay another stake equal to your initial bet, and once done you then get dealt out a forth playing card.

Once that fourth playing card is dealt out, you are then faced with making the same betting or playing decision, and as such if you Raise your bet a third bet equal to the value of your initial one is then placed, and the fifth card is dealt out.

But you do still have the option of simply calling your bet and a fifth card will then be dealt out to you for no additional stake.

Once that fifth card is dealt out to you if you have formed a winning hand combination as displayed on the pay table you will be paid out the corresponding pay-out.

Those winning pay-outs will be paid out to you if you form a hand containing at the very least a pair of 10’s of better, and the best paying hand combination that you can form is any one of the four possible Royal Flush hands,

If you do form a Royal Flush hand when playing Poker Pursuit, if you have placed just one coin on that hand the pay-out is worth 1000 coins, that pay-out becomes 2000 coins when you play two coins and 3000 coins if you have placed a three-coin hand by raising your bet twice during the base game.