Have a Mystical Adventure on the New Forbidden Throne Slot

One thing that Microgaming have become famed for is their brand new monthly slot game releases, and May 2017 sees the launch of several great looking slots one of which is the Forbidden Throne slot which is made complete with a very Mystical theme.

This slot slightly breaks the mould for Microgaming for it is one of their much rarer 40 pay-line slots, and whilst playing it for real money may be slightly more expensive than when you set about playing some of their other slots with a lower number of pay-lines, you do get the chance of winning big, even if you choose to play it with the coin values set low to just one penny per spin.

One thing you will not miss however on each spin you send into live play are the wild symbols, in fact on every spin you do play off you are going to see at least one of the five video reels being covered in those wild symbols, so that feature alone makes it a very exciting slot to play.

Unique playing bonus games are of course what most Microgaming slots are also famed for awarding to players, and when you do set about playing the new Forbidden Throne slot you can spin in a set of scatter symbols, be aware that those symbols can also spin in over the top of the wild symbols, so your chances of triggering the associated bonus game is not reduced due to one reel at least being guaranteed to be covered in wild symbols on each spin.

You are probably wondering what that bonus game is, well it is a set of free spins, and what you will be hoping happens when playing off any one single base game spin is that you spin in as many of the scatter symbols as you can, for the more of them that spin in, over three in number, the more free spins you will then get to play off.

A minimum of three scatter symbols awards players with 10 free spins, four of them anywhere in view will then see you getting 20 free spins to play off and if you ever get all five of them spinning in you will be awarded with 30 free spins.

If you are wondering whether Microgaming have designed this slot with their usual high long term payout percentages then we have some good news for you for it has been set to return 96.01% of players stakes as winning payouts over the long term.

You can also play this slot online at any casino site using Microgaming’s range of slots and games, however it has also just been launched on their mobile gaming platforms too, and as such you can of course play it from anywhere whenever you like, plus if you want to see if it is as enjoyable and as exciting to play as it sounds you can test it out for free in both of those playing environments too!