Fewer Casinos Flushing Player Withdrawals

casino-paymentThe speed at which any online casino pays you out your winning is important, in fact that is one of the main aspects any player will look for when they are hunting around for a brand new casino to try out and play at.

However, recently the number of casinos who will perform something known as a flush withdrawal is reducing in number, which means players withdrawals can, if they choose the wrong casino at which to play at, sit in a pending state for a number of hours or even days!

When you have experienced a winning session and have requested a withdrawal if your withdrawal does then sit in a pending state for any length of time you have the option of reversing that cash out back into your account and can carry on playing.

That is unfortunately something that many players will do, and we say unfortunately as many such players will lose back their winnings and be left with nothing! When a casino flushes a withdrawal they remove it from its pending state and by doing so that withdrawal is then sent into the queue to be paid out and you cannot reverse it.

As many casinos are now removing that option from players we would actively encourage you to make the very wise decision of only signing up to and only ever playing at one of our featured casino sites that will pay you out your winnings instantly or virtually instantly.

By doing so you are then never going to run the risk of reversing a withdrawal from its pending state and losing back those winnings. If you are unsure of which casinos do offer instant payouts then please do take a look through our range of casino reviews as they will enlighten you on just how long each casino takes to pay you out your winnings, or take a look over the banking pages of our featured casino sites website for more information.

Also keep in mind that it will be the method you choose to receive your winnings by that often determines just how long you will have to wait to receive those cash outs. When withdrawing your winnings by an e-wallet or web wallet you will find the faster paying casinos can send you out your withdrawal rapidly.

The same cannot be said when you make a withdrawal using a bank wire for example, for there will often be a few days delay in your withdrawal hitting your bank account. Plus, when you do request a withdrawal via a bank wire you are often going to be hit with fees and charges that can and will reduce the value of your cash out!

Stick to playing at our top rated casino sites is the best advice we can pass onto you, for each of them have a solid track record in playing out all of their winning players in the very fastest possible time frames so you will never be waiting long for your winnings to arrive when playing at those casino sites!