Fancy Some High Risk Slot Playing?

Any slot player who is looking for a high risk slot playing session will usually choose to play the higher variance slots, or play their favourite slot games but for some much higher stake amounts than they usually do.

Whilst that will be fun to do, if you are prepared to throw caution to the wind and chance your arm, keep in mind that there are some slot games that do also offer an additional playing structure, that results in them being very high risk slots.

As long as you are prepared to take the risks, and play slots in a high risk fashion there is always going to be a chance you can win big or very big, and as such we would like to introduce you to a fairly new type of slot game feature.

It will be at Microgaming software powered online casino sites that are you are going to come across a range of slots that offer a single reel re-spin feature. When playing those slots instead of you spinning all five video reels you can choose to spin just one reel per spin instead.

However, what you do need to be aware of when playing such a slot is that the cost of spinning just one reel, which by the way you can choose yourself which reel to spin, is going to be determined by what reel symbols are in view on the other four reels.

If there is a chance that you could for example spin one reel and then spin in a jackpot winning combination or trigger a bonus game or bonus feature then the cost of spinning that one reel will be high, very high in some instances!

The way in which players play such slots which includes the Hot Ink slot from Microgaming, is to spin one reel at a time for a relatively small stake amount, which could be as low as just 0.01, until such a time that on four reels they have a set of a high paying and matching reel symbols.

They will then set about spinning the other reel for higher stake amounts in the hope they then spin in on that reel the required matching symbol to form the winning combination.

The main attraction of playing the Hot Ink slot is that its playing structure has been designed as a 1024 ways to win slot. As such, you do not need to worry about reel symbols lining up on a certain pay line to be awarded with a winning payout.

You only need to get a set of matching reel symbols on any consecutive reels starting on reel one on each reel to then be awarded with the associated winning payout.

You can of course test out the Hot Ink slot for free at any Microgaming software powered online casino site, and by doing so you can then see for yourself just how exciting the one reel re-spin playing structure is and whether you will enjoy playing that way when playing in real money playing environment!