Episode 45: Rio – There They Go, Vegas – Here We Come

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 45

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The 2016 Rio Olympics have thrown up some controversy, some great performances and plenty of talking points. Ireland have done pretty poorly with the boxers in particular struggling mightily. Why do sprinters have big arms? Who’s going to win the 100 m in Tokyo 2020?


The Premier League has week one in the books, wins for all of the big clubs, but Cob won’t be happy until the transfer window closes. Barcelona take on Sevilla in the Super Kings Uefa Champions Cup Winners Cup, and Dundalk play Legia Warsaw in a game that’s already happened


UFC hype is building nicely. As we were recording this episode Conor Mc Gregor and Nate Diaz were having a bottle fight inside the David Copperfield Theatre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Is Diaz in McGregor’s head? We still can’t pick a winner. Nonetheless, one third of us is on a plane to Vegas tomorrow morning to catch it all live.