Double Joker Video Poker

double joker video pokerAs you are going to have such a large and very varied range of different video poker game variants you can play when logged into a Microgaming powered casino site, we have put together a wide range of different game reviews throughout this website.

With that in mind we would suggest you take a look through as many of them as you can do, for by doing so you are guaranteed to find plenty of different variants that will appeal to you personally!

One video poker game that does seem to get a lot of attention from players is Microgaming’s Double Joker poker game, and probably the main reason many players choose to play this game online is that there are not the standard 52 cards in the deck but 54 cards instead.

The two extra cards are both Jokers and whenever they are dealt out to any hand they act as wild cards and as such they can and very often will help you form additional winning hand combinations.

Due to those additional wild Joker cards one thing that you will notice about the pay table of the Double Joker video poker game variants is that it contains many more winning hand combinations, for those wild cards will for example help you form five of a kind hand combinations instead of just the standard maximum four of a kind hands!

One thing you really do need to be aware of however if you do fancy playing the game of Double Joker video poker is that the expected long term payout percentage when you play this game optimally is not quite as high as some other games.

The RTP you are going to achieve with optimal play over the long term is just 98.10% and whilst that is a high RTP it is not as high as some of the other variants of video poker on offer at all Microgaming powered casinos sites!

How to Play Double Joker Video Poker

Microgaming have designed all of their casino games to be as easy to play as is possible, and as such if you ever do fancy getting stuck into playing their Double Joker video poker game you will not have to spend a lot of time learning how to play it!

In fact, all that you need to do to play this game for free or for real money is to click on the video poker game menu at the Microgaming software powered online casino site you are logged into or have an account at and then lookout for this game in the games menu.

Simply clicking on the game will launch it and once launched you then have to initially decide what stake levels you wish to play it for. The coin values can be adjusted very easily and all of you need to do to change then is to click on the coin image located at the foot of the screen.double joker pay table

Once you have chosen a stake simply choose just how many coins you wish to wager on the next hand and then click onto the deal button, once you do that five cards are dealt out to you facing upwards and you have to decide if any of them are worth saving for the second stage of the game.

You keep the cards in play by clicking on them and then once you have chosen the card you wish to hold by clicking onto the deal button a second time any un-held cards get removed from play and new ones dealt out from the deck to replace them.

If you then form any one of the winning hand combinations that you will find listed on the pay table you can choose to collect those winnings or gamble them. The gamble game is a card based guessing game where you have to pick one of four cards in the hope it is higher than the up facing card to double the value of your base game hands winning payout.

Double Joker Video Poker Strategy

Novice video poker players can often be put off playing not only the Double Joker video poker game variant but any video poker game for they may be under the impression that they are going to have to spend ages learning how to master playing the video poker games they are thinking of playing.

Whilst there was a time when you would have to learn just which cards to hold and just which cards to discard at the initial stage of the game, those days are now long gone. For when you play online or even mobile video poker games you have a way of setting the game so it takes all of the guesswork off the player in regards to which cards to hold and discard in the initial stage of the game.

The way in which you do that is to first launch the video poker game you wish to play and then click on the options tab. Once you do you will see one of the option settings available on the Double Joker poker game or in fact any other game will be an auto hold feature.

If you choose to turn that option setting on, which you really should always do, then when you have received your first five cards the game holds the best cards for you as per the correct playing strategy for that variant.

Our first and probably the most important tip we can pass onto you for playing the Double Joker video poker game variant is to always make sure auto hold is activated!

The stakes which you choose to play this game for are also very important thanks to the enhanced jackpot payout which is awarded to maximum coin players, so another important thing you should always do when playing this game is to have five coin hands in play on every single game you play off.