Do Online Casinos Allow Card Counting?

The age-old game of Blackjack is an ever popular one at all casinos, whether online, land based or even the next generation of mobile casino sites.

However, what you will need to be aware of, if you have mastered the art of card counting, is that there are going to be no chances of you doing so at software driven casinos!

The main reason why it is not possible to count cards when playing Blackjack at such a site is that there is a random number generator that determines just which cards are dealt out to players and the dealer, and the virtual deck is also fully shuffled before a new hand is dealt out too.

So, whilst there are no doubts such games are completely fair and random, you will never be able to successfully count cards at such sites due to the deck or decks being shuffled before you play off a new hand.

There is however one type of online casino site at which you are going to be able to count cards at and that is at one that uses a live gaming platform.

By signing up to such a site, and there are plenty of them available, you are going to be playing Blackjack in a real casino but remotely from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be.

By logging into a casino site offering a live dealer gaming platform, when you select the table at which to play at you are then linked up via a live video stream to that table. Via the live video stream, you will then be able to see the cards being shuffled and then dealt out to all players.

Being a real-life casino game, those live dealer Blackjack games are the ones that you will be able to count cards at, if you find out just how many decks of cards are in the shoe, which is usually displayed somewhere in the game play rules.

You place your bets and wagers onto those live dealer Blackjack tables by using your mouse and your computer screen and there will of course be several other players sat around the table you are playing.

Another advantage of playing such a variant of Blackjack is that you are also able to interact with both the dealers and other players sat around the table you are playing at too, so it is a much more social type of playing experience and one you may enjoy.

There will be just as many player promotional offers available at a life dealer casino site, so you will have no difficulties being able to claim sign up and ongoing bonuses, and whilst playing such games for real money you are also going to be earning comps in much the same way you do when playing at any other casino site.

So, if you have fully mastered the art of counting cards and want to put your skill to good uses online, then checkout any of our featured online casinos that do offer live dealer games.