Deuces Wild Video Poker

deuces wild video poker logoPlaying video poker online is something you can very easily do these days, in fact thanks to companies such as Playtech you are going to find plenty of casinos that are offering lots of different video poker game variants which can be played for lots of different stake levels.

We have put together several video poker game playing guides throughout this website, and if you enjoy playing this category of casino game, then one game which may just appeal to you is the Deuces Wild Video Poker variant which takes pride of place in all Playtech powered casino sites!

In fact, this variant does have a large following of fans, as unlike most other video poker games you are going to find it comes with a set of wild cards in the 52 card deck. Those playing cards are all of the 2 valued cards, and as such as soon as one or more of them have been dealt out to you they will stand in for all other cards in the deck and can help you form lots of different winning hand combinations.

Take a look at the pay table of this game if you are playing at a Playtech powered casino, for that pay table is much larger and has more winning hand combinations listed upon it due to the additional winning hand combinations that can be formed!

The most noticeable difference between Playtech Deuces Wild video poker game and all other variants is that there is a large valued payout awarded to players when they are dealt out all five of the 2 cards along with any other fifth card. But be aware the lowest valued hand combination you can form to receive a winning payout is a three of a kind hand!

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

If playing a poker game variant offering you lots of additional ways of forming a winning hand combinational appeals to you then make sure you pencil in some play time of the Deuces Wild video poker game.

You will not find this a very complicated game to play or understand, for as soon as you have launched the game from the games menu at the casino site you are playing at you are first tasked with choosing one of several different stake options.

You can choose to adjust the coin values and also you have the ability of putting into play from one to five coins on each hard you do decide to play. The number of coins you play will then see the corresponding set of payouts on the pay table being activated and lit up.


Once you are happy with your chosen coin values and stake level click onto the deal button to be dealt out your initial hand of five facing up playing cards. You then have to decide if any of those five cards are worth holding for the second stage of the game, and you do that by clicking your mouse over the cards you wish to hold.

All you need to then do is to click on the deal button one final time and by doing so any un-held cards are removed from the game and new ones are dealt out from the deck to replace those cards.

Once you have formed your final hand combination if it is a winning one the game will offer you an optional gamble game, clicking on the gamble button will then see five cards being dealt out to you. One card will be dealt facing upwards and the other four facing downwards.

You have to pick just one of the down facing cards in the hope that when it is revealed it is a higher valued card than the up facing one. If it is then the amount of cash you gambled is doubled if not you lose your gambled amount.

One difference between Playtech’s video poker games and most other suppliers’ games is that you are never forced to have to gamble the entire amount of cash you won on the base game as you can choose to gamble just half of those winnings if you prefer.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

There is no noticeable difference in regards to the payout you will be awarded when playing one to four coins per hand on the Deuces Wild video poker game variant from Playtech other than the payouts are pro rata worth more per additional coin you play.

However, by playing five coins per hand the highest paying hand combination that being the Natural Deuces Wild hand is significantly enhanced in value, so the most valuable tip we can pass onto you for playing this game is only ever play it with five coins in play.

By doing so and also playing each hand optimally you can expect to get a long term payout percentage when playing this game of a very reasonable 98.91%.

However, there are several game playing errors you could make when playing the Deuces Wild video poker game and those will be at the initial stage of the game where you have to decide just which cards to hold and which ones to discard.

There is however a way whereby you can remove any chance of you making any strategic game playing errors when playing this game at Playtech powered casino sites, and that is for you to turn on and activate the games auto hold feature.

You will find by clicking onto the option tab a range of player adjustable option settings are then displayed, tuning on the auto hold option will see the game always holding the very best cards in the initial deal automatically, so make sure that option is turned on before you play this game online!

Two other tips worth knowing about in regards to playing Deuces Wild video poker is to never take the gamble game as that could decimate your bankroll when you keep on making the wrong decision playing off that bonus game, and also carefully pick which casino sites you play this game at, as some casinos have very generous comp clubs which will help you get lots of additional free bonus credits when you play this game!