Dancing on Ice Betting

Grab your scorecards and arm yourself with bitchy comments as we guide you through how to profit from betting on Dancing on Ice.

What is Dancing on Ice?

Dancing on Ice is a British television show in which celebrities and their professional partners figure skate in front of a panel of judges. Each week one celebrity is voted off based on a combined vote between members of the public and an expert judging panel. This continues until there is only one contestant left who is crowned winner of the series.

Dancing on Ice Betting Guide

dancing on ice betting logoSportsbooks open their markets on Dancing on Ice when the contestant lists are revealed.  At this point there are a number of betting opportunities presented using information from other series’ of the show. Just by taking a little time to study the results from previous years you can learn a lot of basic information.

For instance on Dancing on Ice the last five winners have all been 30 or under at the time of winning and three of the last four winners have all been male.  The last five are all very attractive people too.  These are all things to look out for when working out who you are going to back.

One underlooked aspect of betting on shows with professionals is the popularity of the professional as well as the celebrity.  Certain professionals, especially those who have been around for a while, gain the support of the audience as much as the celebrities themselves.  In Dancing on Ice no winning professional dancer (with the exceptions of series 1 and 2) has won the show in their debut year

Also certain professionals, whether by skill or popularity or a combination of both, tend to do well no matter which acts they have.  One guy especially has a good record on Dancing on Ice, this is Daniel Whiston. Whiston has partnered two of the three previous female winners, had two more top four finishes and never has had a dancer go home in the first three weeks of eliminations.

Once you have assembled your initial selections, the next stage is to watch the live shows. Each week the celebrities and their partners perform a live ice dance routine.  The judges mark each performance, scoring between 0.0 (the lowest) and 10.0 (the highest.) These total scores then create a leaderboard which is in turn combined with the public vote in order to determine the two lowest placed couples.

Dancing on Ice, like Strictly and Dancing with the Stars, is one of a select group of reality shows that combines public voting with judges marking.  This means that unlike in other reality shows where judges can but guide your vote, they can directly influence here.  It is important before placing your bet therefore to make sure the act you are supporting has both the public support and the support of the judging panel.

The scores and votes are combined to form the final leaderboard for that week’s shows, the two couples at the bottom compete in a final showdown that is known as the ’Skate Off’ where they perform their routine again.  After the routines have been performed the judging panel will decide who stays based on their second performance. The couple with the most votes from the judges continue on with the competition, while the other act leaves. 

This continues until the final where the public vote crowns a King or Queen of the Ice.

Hopefully you will be gaining top marks from the bookies if you follow the advice here!