Couch Potato the Most Played Online 3 Reel Slot

Playing three reel slots will see you often having a very basic type of slot playing experience. Those types of slot games are usually designed with no bonus games and there will often be no bonus features on offer on them either.

But what three reel slot games can delivery is a rapid fire type of gaming experience, which is why many players do enjoy giving them a whirl. If those slots are appealing to you then you may be wondering just which one gets the most attention from slot players.

Believe it or not the most played Microgaming designed 3 reel slot is their Couch Potato slot, and there are many different reasons players cannot get enough of playing it!

With that in mind below I am going to be enlightening you on what makes that slot such an appealing one to players, so if you do fancy playing three reel slots but want to play one that is going to give you the most excitement, then please do read on.

The very first thing that does make players want to play the Couch Potato slot is that it has been designed with a huge payout percentage. That payout percentage has been independently verified and certified as being an enormous 97.40%, making that slot one of the best paying three reel slots you are likely to come across online.

However, there is something else that does appeal to players of the Couch Potato slot, and that it is has been designed with a high variance playing structure, which does of course mean when you set about playing it you could achieve some very high valued winning payouts.

In fact, you can choose to play one, two or three coins per spin, and there is just one single pay line attached to this slot. Due to the fact that the coin values can also be adjusted by players both high stake and low stake players can easily afford to play it.

The jackpot on offer grows in value depending on just how many coins you wager per spin, and when playing one, two or all three coins per spin the jackpots are 2000 coins, 5000 coins and 15000 coins respectively.

The way in which it delivers its high variance playing structure is with the use of wild multiplier symbols. When you spin in any one wild symbol and from a winning combination the payout is boosted by five times the pay table listed amount.

However, you will be aiming to get two of those wild multiplier symbols along with any third reel symbol, for by doing so, apart from the jackpot paying combination, the payouts associated with that third symbols will be boosted by a whopping 25 times the pay table listed amounts.

Being a high variance slot, if you do fancy playing the ouch Potato slot then keep your stake levels to a fairly low and reasonable amount, as it can be a greedy slot at times and can eat up your bankroll very quickly!