Classic Slots vs. Video Slots

love-boat-slotThere is always going to be a debate in regards to which are the best types of slot games to play online, whilst some players will only ever sit down to play Video slot games thanks to the bonus games and high number of paylines which offer multiple winning opportunities, some players much prefer the classic type of slots with just three reels and one to five optional paylines.

If you are thinking of playing slots online and are unsure of which type of slot games you wish to play, then below we have put together a comparison type of guide, which will highlight the pros and cons of playing both video slots and classic slots.

Comparing Video and Classic Slot Games

You are going to find both classic and video slots available at virtually all online casino sites, and as such if after reading this comparison guide you wish to give either type of slot game some play time, then feel free to checkout our top rated casino sites which are listed throughout our website, as you can play their slots for free and at no risk to see if they are as good as they sound!

Payline Options – You will find that video slots offer by far and away the most payline options than a three reel classic slot does. The majority of classic slots offer just one payline spread over the three reels, however occasionally you will find some three reel slots offering three or five paylines.

The next generation of  video slots which are now live in all online casinos utilizing the gaming platforms from the industry leaders, offer you a selection of All Ways playing structures, and this lets you put into play hundreds or even thousands of paylines per spin for one small modest stake level.

Bonus Games – You will find bonus games are more readily available on video slot games, as classic slots are not really designed for bonus game feature rounds, however there are a handful of bonus game awarding classic slots, but the actual way in which the bonus games play out on these kinds of slots are very basic and usually are a simple wheel spinning bonus game feature.

So if you enjoy the excitement and winning potential offered on bonus game rounds and bonus game features then the video slot games are the ones you should be looking to play.

Jackpot Values – As you are going to find many video slots and classic slot offer progressive jackpots then there really are not many differences in regards to the jackpot values which you could win when playing either type of slot games.

However many slot games will only give you a chance of winning a progressive jackpot when you put into live play a maximum stake wager or activate all paylines, and as such if you are thinking of playing a progressive video or classic slot game always read through the rules and pay tables found attached to the slots to find out just how you have to play that slot to have any chance of walking away with the progressive jackpot!

Payout Percentages – You are going to find some huge variations in regards to the payout percentages that both classic and video slot games have been set to payout. With this in mind you really ought to spend as much time as is required doing some research to find out just which are the better paying slots boasting the highest payout percentages at the casino site you are playing at.

You will find both high payout percentages and low payout percentages attached to video and classic slots, but savvy slot players look for the highest payout percentages attached to each slot and play only those slot games to guarantee they have a fair and sporting chance of having a winning slot playing session!

New Game Releases – It has been quite a number of years now since we saw a new classic slot game being released online by any of the major online casino game designers and software companies, yet every month of the year there are a constant flow of brand new video slot games being released and going live on all major casino software platforms.

So if you love playing new slot games which boats unique bonus games and bonus features then it is going to be the video slot games you will have to play! It should be noted some mobile casino sites have started to add some new classic slot games, however many of them are simply clones or identical slots to ones previously available online!

Slot Comps and Bonuses – You are not going to find many if any online casinos that will force you to play just one type of slot game to earn comp points, nor will they only make their bonuses and special offers available to either classic or video slot game players.

With this in mind you are going to get just as much playing value when you accept a casinos slot bonus offer when you play classic or video slots, and all of your real money action on either category of slot game will of course see you picking up and accumulating comp points.

But always do read through fully any terms and conditions attached to a bonus or promotional offer that is of interest to you, for sometimes those terms can restrict the type of slot games you can play with bonus cash!

Slot Game Variance – Low, mid and high variance structured slots are available to play in all category of slot games and as such if you want a slot playing session which will see you picking up lots of low valued winning payouts then there are no shortages of low variance video and classic slots on offer.

However, if you want the chance of winning some huge winning payouts and are prepared to see fewer low valued winning combinations spinning in then both high variance video and classic slots are found in great numbers online.