Casino Bonus Terms Being Tightened

t-cThere was a time when you could find casino bonuses freely flowing at every single online casino, simply sign up, deposit and you would find a nicely boosted account balance waiting for you once that deposit had been processed, however many casinos, even the long standing, better run sites are having to tighten up their bonus terms and conditions.

The reason for this tightening up of bonus amounts and the terms and conditions attached to them is purely down to the fact that online gambling is now a worldwide environment, and what may appear to be a modest sized bonus in some countries is a very generous one indeed in some of the poorer countries of the world, and there are no shortages of players looking to take advantage of overly generous bonuses.

What all casinos aim to provide via their new player, sign up bonus offers is a spring board to get the player to sample their site and then become a regular player at that site, however with a new breed of players simply looking for beneficial bonuses to take they simply flit from one casino site to another, mopping up those bonuses as they do so!

Below we have put together a collection of the newly written terms and conditions that you are going to find attached to the vast majority of new player as well as existing player bonuses, and we suggest you read through them all for whilst some of these terms and quite horrendous and give you little chance of cashing anything out when you have taken one of them, by reading through them all you should be able to instantly spot a set of bonus terms and conditions that you should avoid taking!

Strict Maximum Withdrawal Terms

No matter what casino game you choose to play, you are deep down playing that game in the hope of winning some fairly large amounts of cash, and whilst this is always a real possibility when playing at any online casino, if you choose to play with a casino bonus which has a maximum withdrawal term written into the rules of that bonus you run a risk of losing out a large amount of any winnings you happen to accumulate when playing online.

Make sure when choosing a bonus to take there are no rules in place which limits just how much cash you can win with such a bonus, for many casinos will now only let players using a bonus win a certain amount of cash with that bonus with any excess being removed and voided.

You are more than likely to see these types of rules attached to bonuses that are no deposit ones, or even on large deposit bonuses, so read the rules carefully for there is no point in taking a bonus and playing it off if you are only allowed to withdraw $100 if you have just won $500!

Unfair Play Through Requirements

It doesn’t really matter what type of casino bonus you opt to take you will find a set of play through requirements attached to them all, and these play through requirements are a total amount of real money action that you must play before getting into a position that you are free to do with your account balance as you so desire.

There has been a long standing school of thought that any bonus offers you take that has a play through requirement of just 30 times your deposited amount or possibly the deposited amount and the bonus amount that says that bonus is well worth taking.

For by playing the low house edge casino games and the games boasting very high payout percentages such bonuses will often see you surpassing the play through requirements and then being able to cash out your winnings.

However, with many casinos looking to dissuade advantage players or bonus abusers as they are often referred to as, many casinos have been increasing the play through requirements on their bonuses by some very sizeable amounts.

So when you see a tempting bonus offer please do have a close look at the play through requirements attached to the bonus, for you will often come across some which may require you to play through your deposit and the entire bonus amount many dozens or even hundreds of times before you can safely withdraw any winnings won!

Bait and Switch Bonus Offers

We always advise all of our website visitors to play at fully licensed and regulated casino sites online of which we have several fully listed and reviewed on our site, however if you should play at some other casino sites you do run the risk of coming across bonus offers that simply vanish into thin air once you make a deposit and try to claim them!

It is a common trend for some of the lesser well known and poorly run and operated online casinos to send out a mass email to their customers advising those players that a large bonus is available on their next deposit, and many players then find those bonuses too good to ignore and then make a qualifying deposit.

Once they try and claim the bonus after funding their casino account they then get told by the casino support staff that the bonus email was sent out in error and no such bonus exists, this is known as a bait and switch type of bonus offer, and those players who then kick up a stink will instead be offered a more modest bonus to make up for their “disappointment”!

When it comes to claiming bonuses take your time and never be rushed into depositing to claim a bonus, keep a level head and spend as much time as you need going through the finer points on the terms and conditions page of the bonus offer, and if you do not like any of the terms then forget about claiming that bonus, there are plenty of bonus offers available online and you, the customer have choice, and lots of it!