Britains Got Talent Betting

Take your seat for this guide to the most unusual reality TV show of them all, Britains Got Talent.

What is Britain’s Got Talent?

britain's got talent betting logoBritain’s Got Talent (sometimes shortened to BGT) is a British television talent show competition which started in June 2007 and originated from the Got Talent series. The show is co-produced by Simon Cowell’s producation company SYCOtv and is broadcast on ITV.  

The show is open to anyone of any age with some sort of talent to attend the audition.

When Does the Betting Start?

Sportsbooks will open prices on certain contestants after each show from the very first audition stage.

The audition stages sees acts perform in front of the judges and the live audience.  At any time during the audition the judges may show disapproval to the act by pressing a buzzer which lights a large red X on the stage.  This X indicates their view that they no longer wish this performer to continue.

From the sixth series onwards the voting works on a majority basis, if three judges say yes the act will return to the live semi-finals.

In competitions such as X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing On Ice, etc, we get to see the eventual winner perform somewhere between 10-15 times, and during that time acts can improve and become more popular. On Britain’s Got Talent we see the winner three times only – one audition, one semi-final performance, and once in the final. It means that your first impression is absolutely vital on BGT.  So remember this when preparing your bets. 

With so many singing contests on British TV the public often seem to be seeking something a little bit different from BGT. Only one of the six previous winners have been what can be defined as a popstar.  This show more than others promotes Diversity (apologies for the pun.) With so many other reality singing shows on the market it seems that viewers are more likely to be impressed by other acts such as dance groups, opera singers or dog acts.

The inital audition stage can take a couple of months and you need to consider this when betting on this show, first be wary of acts from the earliest auditions, the first episodes often tends to showcase one of the more special stars. Those can quickly become You Tube sensations, none more or so than Susan Boyle, attracting millions of online views.  Susan went on to huge things, but didn’t win. The reason is partly because by the time the audition came around the backlash had already started and people either presume this act will win and don’t vote or, worse still, have tired of the act after a couple of months of free publicity. The same case can be applied to singing duo Jonathan and Charlotte in the most recent series. 

This can work to your advantage though because in BGT, perhaps more so than any other reality show, favourites are vulnerable.

The show reaches the semi-final and final stage, all over which are held over a week, therefore look for acts that have a talent, but can maybe showcase a different routine.  This is often the reason why dance troupes or performers do better in the final.

We hope armed with this britains got talent betting prowess you will have developed your own talent, a talent for spotting good betting options.