Bonus Poker Video Poker

bonus pokerWe invite you to have a good look round our website if you are looking for a range of different video poker game variants to play, as we have fully reviewed all of the most commonly found variants you will be able to access and play online.

One game which you will have no problems tracking down if you choose to play at any online casino site that is utilizing the Microgaming gaming platforms and their range of casino gamed is the Bonus Poker game, which much like every other variants of video poker has a unique set of winning payout listed on its pay table.

The main difference that you will discover in regards to the pay table structure of this game is that the 4 of a kind hand combinations have been split up on the pay table and each one you could be dealt out awards a different set of winning payouts.

However, the savviest of video poker players are only going to be interested find playing video poker games which when put into play with the optimum playing strategy are going to return to those players the very highest of payout percentages.

With that in mind we are happy to let you know that by playing Microgaming’s single hand Bonus Poker video poker game with optimum strategy you can expect over your long term play a payout percentage of a generous 99.17%, so a fair old chunk of your stakes are going to be returned to you when you play it online.

To help you get a much clearer understand of how to play this game below we have some playing hints and tips to pass onto you and we will also enlighten you on how the game is structured and how to play it.

How to Play Bonus Poker Video Poker

If you have never played a video poker game before, then never be put off playing them if you are under the impression they are complicated games to play, for the opposite is true and you really are going to find them an absolute breeze to play.

However, if you have not yet played video poker games including the Bonus Poker variant you will of course need to know how to play them online, and it is with that in mind we suggest you have a read through of this section of our review of the game of Bonus Poker as we will now enlighten you on how to play it!

As this game is found in the gaming suite of Microgaming software powered casinos then you will of course need to be a player at any casino using their gaming platforms and suite of games to access this game.

bonus poker pay table

Once you have signed up to such a site simply choose whether you wish to play this game for free or for real money and then log into the casino via that mode. Once you have logged into the casino you will enter the lobby of the casino where you will find a games menu. Obviously you will need to look up the Bonus poker video poker game in the games menu and simply click on it to launch the game.

By launching the game you will then be presented with the main play screen where you next have to select one of the coin value settings to have in play and also then choose one to five coins to wager on each hand.

Once you have made your staking decision you then click on the deal button and will be dealt out five playing cards you can hold any or all of those cards by clicking onto them and then if you click the deal button again any cards that you have not held are removed from the game and replaced with new ones from the deck.

At the end of that second deal if you have formed any of the winning combinations listed on the pay table you will be rewarded with the corresponding winning payout.

Bonus Poker Video Poker Strategy

You are never going to have the maximum winning opportunities when you choose to play video poker variants such as the Bonus Poker game if you play anything less than five coins per hand.

By taking a quick glance at the pay table of this game you will see that when you are lucky enough to be dealt out the Royal Flush hand when playing one to four coins you will receive a winning payout of 250 coins, 500 coins, 750 coins and 1000 coins respectively.

However, by placing a five coins wager when playing this game if you do get dealt out the Royal Flush hand, which you will do if you play it long enough, then the payout you are rewarded with is a huge 4000 coins.

So the first and most important tip we want to alert you to for playing this game is always play five coins hands. Now, you may think that is going to see you having to play for fairly large stake levels, but also keep in mind that you are always able to adjust the actual coin values on this game and that is something you should do when you have chosen to play it.

Try and structure the max bet stake levels in such a way that you are going to get a lot of hands dealt out to you based on the amount of cash you have in your bankroll, as the more hands you can play the more chances you will have of being dealt out one of the higher paying winning hand combinations as listed on the pay table of this game!

One final thing that you should do to have the maximum winning opportunities when playing video poker at any online casinos site is to find out what the RTP of each game is set to return to players over the long term and then only ever play the variants with the highest expected RTP’s!