Blackjack Switch: A Low House Edge Blackjack Game Variant

With so many different Blackjack games available online these days, knowing which the best ones are to play to have the best chances of winning can be difficult.

You are of course faced with single hand and multi-hand variants and will also come across some progressive Blackjack games too. And each of them will have a different number of decks of cards in the shoe, different Dealer and Player playing rules and often a set of different payouts, too.

The one defining aspect of any Blackjack game variant however that will either make it highly appealing to players or a game they should avoid playing, is in regards to the house edge that can be achieved.

The lower the house edge the better the game is; However there is, of course, a small element of skill when playing Blackjack. That’s because you the player have to make betting and playing decisions once your hand has been dealt out to you.

One Blackjack game that you will find available at casino sites that offers the range of Playtech games that does come with a tiny house edge, if you can master playing it perfectly, is the game of Blackjack Switch.

The unique way that Blackjack Switch has been designed is that as soon as you start playing it you are required to play two hands per game.  There isn’t even the option to play just one hand.

However, once you have been dealt out two cards to each of your two hands, then you have the option of doing something that no other Blackjack game is ever going to allow you to do; And that is to swap the two top cards from each of those hands around!

So, if by swapping those two cards around they give you a much better hand on each of them that is something you are legally permitted to do. Obviously, you will need to then master the unique gameplay strategy to play the game based on that very unique rule, but by doing so you will get the house edge down to just 0.16%.

There are a few differences in regards to the playing rules and the payouts that you can achieve when playing Blackjack Switch; The first is that the Dealer will hit his hand on a soft 17.

The other important rule in place on this variant is that if and when the Dealer has a 22 valued hand, it is classed as a push on every player’s hand that is not a Blackjack.

Also, if and when you are lucky enough to get dealt out a Blackjack hand, that being any Ace card and Ten valued cards as your initial to cards to your hand then that hand is paid out at odds of even money and not the more standard odd of 3 to 2.

Do look out for this game. If you are looking for some much more unique Blackjack games and ones that do come with low house edges then it is one worth tracking down and playing for sure.