Bitcoin Sports Betting


There has been something of a large increase in the number of sports betting sites that have opened up and launched recently that will allow you to make both deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin.

However, it is worth noting that no matter which sportsbook or betting site you do decide to become a customer of, you should always ensure that they are fully licensed and regulated.

In fact, many established betting sites have also added Bitcoin to their list of banking options, so finding such a site that will allow you to fund your account and make withdrawals using that digital currency should not pose any problems.

The main attraction of using Bitcoin for many sports bettors is that you can anonymously send money around the web using a Bitcoin Wallet, and you will also find many betting sites also pay you out your winnings instantly once you have requested any value of cash out from your betting account too.

Choosing Where to Bet

We want you to have the very best betting experience if you start to place your bets and wagers online or via a mobile betting app, and to allow you to pick out and select a Bitcoin accepting betting sites which will give you a first class betting experience below are all of the qualities you should be demanding from any site you sign up to and bet at.

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Live Odds – The vast majority of betting sites now offer live odds and as such the odds you will find displayed on their betting markets and betting platforms will continually be updated before the sporting events have started.

In-Play Betting Markets – More and more sports bettors have warmed to the concept of live in-play betting markets for those types of betting opportunities will only become live once a sporting event has actually started.

The one thing to keep in mind if you do decide to place your bets and wagers on a live in-play betting market is that the odds can change rapidly, and as such as soon as you do see a betting opportunity you wish to have a bet on you will need to act at to secure the odds available as they can change in value in an instant!

Best Odds Guarantees – Daily promotional offers can often se you increasing the value of your winning payouts when you make use of them. Many Bitcoin betting sites offer something known as best odds guarantees.

When you make use of one of those types of promotions you will be required to place your bets and wagers nice and early and will then be given the odds displayed on the betting opportunities you have selected.

However, if the odds on your selection increase in value once you have placed your bet the betting site will give you those enhanced odds, but if the odds on your selection decrease you will of course get to keep the higher odds you initially took.

Mobile and Online Platforms – Another thing that you should have on your list of wants and demands if you regularly place any type of sports bet is a sportsbook that will offer you not only an online betting platform but also a mobile betting app too.

For by signing up to a Bitcoin betting site that does offer both types of betting platform then you are never going to miss out on placing a bet when you are out and about. Usually you will find your online log in details can be used to access the mobile betting app and vice versa.

Free Bets and Bonuses – You will not need us to tell you that there are now a huge and ever growing number of betting sites opening up, and that does of course mean that by shopping around and comparing the new customer sign up welcome bonuses and free bets given away to new clients of those betting sites, you can lock in a lot of additional value.

However, the devil is always in the small print and as such we would always advise you to pay careful attention to the terms and conditions attached to any sports book’s new customer sign up welcome bonuses to ensure the bonuses and free bet offers are as generous as they may first appear!

Instant Bitcoin Withdrawals – The days of spots bettors having to wait days or even weeks to get paid out their winnings have long gone, and one thing you should also keep in mind if you have chosen Bitcoin at your preferred banking option is that much like your deposits being instantly credited to your account, many betting sites also now payout their winning customers instantly too.

So another thing you should make sure of is that the Bitcoin betting site you have chosen to sign up to or that you are about to sign up to is going to pay you out your winnings instantly to your Bitcoin Wallet, if not find a betting site that will!

Comps and Loyalty Clubs – One final thing that may sway you to sign up to one betting site rather than any other is in regards to the type of loyalty schemes and comp clubs a sportsbook is offering their customers.

Whilst some betting sites concentrate on trying to offer you the very highest odds available without you being awarded with any type of comps or loyalty bonuses, there are several betting sites that will offer the best odds whilst also giving you access to a range of free bets and bonuses via some form of comp club or loyalty scheme.

So when hunting around for a new Bitcoin betting site to sign up to do make sure that there is some form of reward scheme in place, much more so if you are going to be wagering high volumes of cash as your chosen betting site.

Licensed Betting Sites – You should always avoid any sportsbook or betting site that is not fully licensed and regulated, for betting at an unlicensed site is going to see you taking far too many risks!