Big Brother Betting

Make sure you don’t get caught out by Big Brother with our helpful Big Brother betting guide which will tell you what to look for when betting on the event.

What is Big Brother?

big brother betting logoBig Brother is the British version of the Dutch Big Brother televison format, the show takes its name from the character in the George Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The show now airs on Channel Five after after ten years on Channel Four.  The show is created by Endemol and features a group of contestants (called housemates), living in isolation from the outside world in a custom built house.  The house is fitted with cameras and microphones to record the activities of the housemates.

Big Brother Betting

The sportsbooks tend to release the prices after the first live show which sees the introduction of all the contestants.  From here we make snap judgements on people.  It probably becomes apparent early who comes across as incredibly annoying, if they are getting boos from the crowd as they enter the house it looks a tricky road back into public favour. It is far better to find a quiet act who seems likeable but has yet to showcase themselves.  The lengthy format of the show allows for these people to come into their own over later weeks when the house becomes less crowded.

The early stages also can see the bookies make a wrong choice with the favourite.  Any contestant with a novelty feature (Blind Mikey series 9, amputee Steve-series 11) become early favourites.  Of course these acts are safe for a number of weeks because no contestant wants to be seen as voting them out, so they will not have to face the public vote early on.  Later though the vote is decided by the public and this changes thing, in the privacy of their own home, the voting public are under no such pressure and they will show no such compassion or political correctness.

As well as outright betting you are given the chance to bet on a number of markets including the who will be next eliminated market. This is done by the housemates nominating two of their fellow contestants with the two or more with the highest number of votes being put up for public vote.

It is interesting to note that the first eviction in every series of Big Brother has been a female.  It seems that the largely female audience quickly tire of loud strong female characters, more so than their male counterparts.

One feature to look for is age, all but series four winner Cameron Stout was aged over 30 at the time of winning the show

The last few weeks of Big Brother voting, including the grand final, are handed over to the voting public with the public asked to vote for their favourite surviving housemate.  Voting lines are suspended at regular intervals, in order to eliminate the contestant with the lowest votes, until we are left with the winner.

Hopeful the winner is the contestant you have backed and you can join in with the celebrations when the fireworks are going off.