Best Tournament Poker Sites in 2024

Multi-table no limit holdem tournaments are still the most popular type of poker played online. In 2024 there is a huge amount of choice when it comes to picking a place to play your online poker tournaments, and you need to consider a few important factors before signing up at a new sites.

We’ve talked to a lot of players about what they want from a poker tournament, and come up with the following list of poker rooms as the best tournament poker sites today

Top Tournament Poker Sites for US Players 2024

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Top Tournament Poker Sites in 2024

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So, what are the important things to consider when picking a new site to play your poker tournaments at, and what did we take into account when coming up with these 5 sites as the best ones? Read on to find out:

1. Competition

This should be your number one concern in your search for the best tournament poker sites. For the most part, you should always want to play poker against bad players and if you can find a site that’s full of them, then you should make allowances for other things like the software not being as good or the field sizes being a little bit smaller. We used to recommend that our European players use PokerStars for tournaments, but lately the competition has gotten much tougher and the MTTs go one for EVER so we’re recommending players go elsewhere these days.

2. Variety of Games

Everyone has a different type of game that the enjoy. Some players love turbo games where they’re all-in every second hand, while other players love a deep stacked tournament where they’re put in lots of difficult positions. Other still like to play a mixture of all types of poker tournament. When choosing a site, make sure it caters for the type of game that you like and that the tournaments start around the time that you want to play. Most of the major poker sites have their best tournaments during the evening European time and on Sundays.

3. Structure

This is another important consideration. If you’re playing bigger buy-in tournaments, or turbos aren’t your thing, then in order to maximise your skill edge over your opponents, you should want to play relatively deep stacked and have the blinds increase fairly slowly. A good tournament will never let the average stack drop below 20 big blinds and will have the blinds increase every 12-15 minutes, though 10 minutes is usually pretty good too. Don’t just be attracted by the starting stack. Some tournaments with huge starting stacks turn into crapshoots very quickly thanks to fast and steep blind increases.

4. Field Size

Pay attention to the number of runners that the tournaments at the site typically get. Most of us just want to enjoy playing and not be sat in our chairs for 8 hours to get to the business end of an MTT. Low buy-in tournaments on PokerStars typically have 5000+ runners and it can 12 hours to complete them. The way the payouts are structured only players that make the last 2 tables get a nice payday. If you want to play tournaments that are less of a mine-field, pick a site where the average tournament gets maybe 500 runners and you’ll find that these events are usually done and dusted within 5 or 6 hours.

5. Software

Playing on a site with good software is always a pleasure, If you intend to run deep in the tournaments you play then you’re going to be looking at the tables and the lobby for 6 hours and playing over 400 hands, so it makes sense to choose a site with smooth graphics that are easy on the eye and don’t give you a headache. This is even more important if you plan on planning more than one tournament at a time. The quality of the software on a site actually has a strange affect on the games. If the software is bad for multi-tabling then you’ll find there will be less professional players and the games will be softer, so there’s a trade-off if you want to play on good software in that those sites naturally attract the tougher players.