Best Strategy for Playing RTG’s Random Jackpot Slots

The most played slot games at any casino utilizing the Real Time Gaming supplied and designed casino games and their respective gaming platforms, are without a shadow of a doubt the Real Series slots.

When playing any of those slot games at the end of any base game spin you could be randomly awarded with a progressive jackpot. In fact, some of them now offer two different valued progressive jackpots.

Due to the low trigger values of those jackpot you often find they can be and are won very frequently by players, and as such fi you do ever decide to play at such a site you will be tempted to give them some play time.

However, you may also be wondering if there are any strategies that you can adopt when playing random jackpot slots, and that is something I am often asked by slot players so today I will pass onto you a few playing hints and tips I have discovered when playing such slots.

The first thing to keep in mind however is that all Real Time Gaming slots are completely random by their design, so you could win a jackpot at the end of any spin or never win one ever! It is down to luck and luck alone whether you do win one or not.

But the more spins you do get to play off the more your chances of winning one of those randomly awarded progressive jackpots will become, and with that in mind you should consider helping Lady Luck along a little by making use of a bankroll boosting bonus.

The best types of bonuses to use on any of the Real Time Gaming designed Real Series slots are deposit match bonuses, and the higher the percentage of your deposited amount that is awarded to you are bonus credits the better!

You do however need to ensure that you can play such slots with bonus credits before accepting any bonus offer, and it is also important to double check to see if you are limited regarding how much you can win and cash out from such a bonus too.

If there is a maximum cash out limited imposed on you via the terms and conditions of any such deposit match bonus that can be sued on such slots, then avoid claiming such a bonus, for if you do win a jackpot you may only then get paid out a small percentage of that jackpot!

Also, one additional way that I am aware slot players do play Real Series slots is by setting the coin values down to the lowest ones possible and then playing off just one coin per spin! You can use the auto play setting to play off thousands of spins, and each spin you do play off gives you a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

But at the end of the day as mentioned above, it is luck and luck alone that will ultimately determine if you do win a progressive jackpot!