Best Poker Bonuses

poker positionIn 2024 finding the best poker bonuses online is key to being a winning player. Playing with an active bonus basically increases your win-rate and represents more money in your pocket as you play. There’s more to choosing a bonus than just picking the one that seems like the highest dollar amount though. The following table represents what we think are the best poker bonuses at the moment:

How to Choose a Poker Deposit Bonus

Choosing the best deposit bonus takes a bit of research. Poker companies aren’t charities so the bonuses that they offer aren’t quite the free money that they make them out to be. To get access to your bonus money, you have to play in real money hands on the site. During these hands you pay rake to the site which represents the house fee for holding the games and in reality your bonus is just a refund of a certain percentage of these fees.

Typically your access to your bonus money will be linked to the amount of ‘player points’ that you accrue through your play, and will usually be released either incrementally in small chunks as you hit player point milestones, or as a lump sum when you hit the total amount of points required. For example, the $2,000 bonus at Titan poker clears at a rate of $5 per 250 points accrued, meaning for each 250 points you rack up, Titan will put $5 in your account, all the way until you’ve got to 100,000 points.

If we look at the 888 Poker Bonus, we see that they will give you $10 of your bonus for every 100 points that you generate. At 888 poker you get 2 points for each dollar of rake you pay, so to unlock $10 you need to pay $50 in rake which represents a 20% return of your rake. As you can see, the Titan Bonus clears quicker and has a higher amount than the 888 Bonus. A player who clears 200 points per 100 hands on Titan Poker would have their bonus remain active for 50,000 hands.

Bonus Expiration

Another thing to be careful of when choosing from the best poker bonuses currently available is how long they remain active. For example you might find a bonus that clears at a great rate, but only gives you 30 days to clears the whole amount, and you would be better off going with a bonus that clears slightly slower, but gives you 60 or 90 days to clear it. This is particularly important if you choose a bonus that is released in a lump sum rather than incrementally. Lump sum bonuses usually give you a better return, but if you don’t have the entire bonus cleared by the expiration date, you end up getting nothing so before pick a lump sum bonus, make sure to do a quick calculation to ensure that you’ll play enough hands to clear it in time.

Top Poker Bonuses 2024

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888 Poker Visit the site for the latest signup offer Review Visit
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Red Kings Poker Visit the site for the latest signup offer Review Visit

The Value of a Poker Deposit Bonus

Some players will jump around sites clearing deposit bonuses and then leaving as soon as they do for a new site, but are the bonuses really worth that much? A quick calculation shows the value of ‘bonus whoring’. Take the example of a $0.50/$1 player paying $7 per 100 hands in rake. If this player plays 5-6 tables at once, he’s probably playing about 500 hands per hour. This means he’s paying about $35 per hour in rake to the site. Getting 30% of this back represents $10.50 per hour, and that’s without even winning anything at the tables!

Titan Poker give 15 points for every $1 in rake that you pay. So if you are for example a $.50/$1 No Limit Holdem player, you’ll be paying about $7 per 100 hands in rake meaning you’ll generate 180 player points. This is equal to [180/250 x $5] in bonus money which is $2.10. So you can see that this bonus offers you 30% of your rake back. This is the highest percentage that any site offers at the moment.

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