Best Casino Games to Play on a Mobile

As the number, type and variety of mobile casino games are getting to be just as large as the ones you can play at an online casino site, that does of course mean that you are going to be spoilt for choice, no matter which mobile casino app you choose to make use of.

However, there are quite a lot of games that you should always avoid playing, and some games should also be right up at the top of the list of games you do choose to play on your mobile device, and today I will give you a few pointers into just which games are the best ones to play on your mobile.

Casino card games may be the ones you enjoy playing the most, and if that is the case make sure you look for single deck Blackjack games and those that have been designed with low house edges when played optimally.

Those games will give you a much greater chance of winning over the long term, when compared to Blackjack games that offer bonus bets or even progressive jackpots, for those latter types of casino card games do have low and very unappealing house edges.

If video poker games are what you look for when playing via a mobile casino app, then be aware the pay tables are going to need studying, for games that may have the same name but are on offer on different casino apps can have differences in their pay tables.

Whilst you could be attracted to playing the more standard and more popular games such as Jacks or Better video poker on a mobile device, the standard RTP of that variant is 99.54%, and by finding a casino app offering the All Aces variant you will then be playing a variant offering an RTP of a much higher 99.92%, as long as you play off each hand perfectly, using the best strategy..

There are so many different slot machines you can also play on a mobile device, I could not possibly give you a full list of the very best ones to play, but the general rule of thumb when playing slot games and slot machines in any playing environment is to stick to those with the very highest of pay-out percentages.

A reasonable pay-out percentage is around the 94% to 96% ranges, however with some effort on your behalf you will find several slots which have been designed with pay-out percentages of 99%, which are the ones worth playing of course.

Roulette games are also one category of casino table game that come in many different variants and guises, when placing just even money paying bets you should be looking to play the French Roulette game, or if you want to place any other type of bet then either the French Roulette game or the European Roulette games are the ones you should be tracking down and playing, due to their low house edges.