Benefits of Playing Slots with a Bonus Feature Guarantee

Real Time Gaming is a company that design online and mobile casino software platforms and also design all of their own casino games in-house. As such if you ever do sign up to a casino using their range of games, as they have been around for years, you will always find the games you enjoy playing the most.

It is their range of slot machines however that do attract a huge number of players, for they all come with unique themes, bonus games and many of them have one or two randomly awarded progressive jackpots. However, many of their slots offer a Feature Guarantee which I think you are going to find very interesting.

When you do set about playing any RTG slot machines on which there is a Bonus Feature Guarantee, you will find displayed on that slot a meter type of animation that is going to let you know the absolute maximum number of base games spins that have to be played off before the bonus game will be triggered.

Quite a number of Real Time Gaming slots that do have that feature on offer have 150 spins as the maximum amount displayed on that meter, and as such you will always have a good idea of just how many base game spins are required to be played off before the bonus game will trigger.

The bonus game however can be triggered at any point, so you will not have to wait until you play off 150 spins before the bonus game triggers sometimes, however if you do not trigger it within 150 spins then the slot will automatically trigger the bonus game no matter what once you have done!

 There is also a built-in feature attached to the Bonus Feature Guarantee and at any point that the meter is displaying a lower amount than 150 spins remaining, you can opt to try and force a bonus game to trigger on the very next spin.

You do that by taking a gamble type feature and what happens when you do so is that a bonus wheel type animation will be displayed on the slot game screen and the wheel is divided up into red sections and green sections.

You then send the wheel spinning and if it spins on the green area then the bonus game on that slot is automatically triggered, however if you spin in a red segment of the bonus wheel the number of spins remaining to be played off will be reset to 150 of them.

If you do fancy getting stuck into playing any slot that done have this feature guarantee attached to it, simply play at casino sites that do have the range of Real Time Gaming designed slot games on offer and look for a small logo attached to the slots in the games menu that lets you know instantly if they do have the Bonus Feature Guarantee on offer or not!