Benefits of Joining a Casino Comp Club

The majority of land based brick and mortar casinos will have some form of player reward scheme in place at their venues, but if you prefer playing online you will find that all and not just some casino sites do offer a comp club as they are known, many of which can be very generous too!

To get the benefits of a casino loyalty or comp club scheme you do have to gamble with your own money though, but there can be and is a whole world of difference in regards to what extras will start to flow your way depending on just which casino you choose to play at.

With that in mind I will today give you a quick run through of the many different benefits and additional extras that you can avail yourself of, if you carefully select the casino site at which to play at, and do set about making use of their respective comp club schemes optimally.

A casino offering a multi-level type of comp club is going to be the type of casino site you should stick to playing at, and give that casino the highest percentage of your real money gaming action, for the higher you progress through the levels of that club the bigger and better the rewards will be.

Unlike land based casino venues, when you play online you will not be offered free meals, show tickets, free drinks and complete comped and no cost accommodation, for all that an online casino will do is to give you playing credits in exchange for your accumulated comp points.

So the more points you earn the more playing credits you can then swap your accumulated comp points for. But some online casinos will attach play through requirements to credits redeemed via comp points, so try and avoid playing at those casinos, and stick to ones that award credits as cash credits.

By also playing at a casino site which does have a multi-level comp club scheme in place, each time you rise up through the levels you may find you are offered a deposit match value simply for doing so, or in some cases a complete free no deposit bonus to welcome you to that next level.

You will also find that you earn more points per unit stake wagered when you do rise up through the levels and also the redemption rate for turning points into playing credits gets much lower too, so you not only earn more points but you get more credits for your points!

Never underestimate the additional playing value that a well designed casino comp club can and will offer you, and the comp points you earn and can redeem are also on top of any bonuses or promotional offers you may have also claimed.

The next time you do fancy playing at a different casino site, always make a point of comparing the comp clubs each of the site you come across has to offer you, and try and sign up to the one with the more rewarding comp club!