Beach Life Slot Jackpot Overdue

beack life logoAs an online slot player it is always worth keeping an eye on some of the progressive jackpots attached to a range of different slot games, for there are so many of them available, every now and then a jackpot will surpass its average hit amount and will become overdue.

As soon as any one single jackpot does become overdue then there is of course an increased chance that jackpot could be about to be won, and as such the slot with that higher than average jackpot is one you should be considering playing!

We have taken a look at some of the usual suspects in regards to high valued jackpot and over at Playtech software powered casinos you are going to find the popular Beach Life slot, this slot has been building up its current jackpot prize pool since the February 2015 which was the last time it was won.

The current jackpot at the time of compiling this news story was $5,271,926.34 and as the average jackpot won on that slot game is $1,475,655.07 that does of course mean it is way overdue and as such this is going to be a slot worth playing, for sooner rather than later that jackpot will be won by a lucky player, and that player could be you!

For reference the highest ever jackpot won on the Beach Life slot since the day it was launched up until now was $8,219,965.58 and as each day passes that jackpot is looking more and more likely to be won all things considered!

As Playtech’s Beach Life slot is a networked progressive slot then you are going to find it is available at any casino site using their range of games and gaming platforms, and players playing at any of those casino sites has an equal chance of winning that jackpot, so it doesn’t matter which casino you play at you will find that slot available and the jackpot could be won via one spin of its reels.

If you’re thinking of giving it a spin, then Bet365 Casino is our recommended Playtech casino, and you’ll find Beach Life in the lobby there.

One thing to note if you do decide to give it some play time online is that you need to activate all 20 of the slots paylines to have any chance of winning that jackpot. The jackpot will only be awarded to players who have lined up on the 20th payline all of the wild symbols.

Lining up those five reel symbols on any other payline will award a 100,000 fixed coin jackpot instead of the progressive jackpot. So if you do fancy your chances then make sure that you do play all of its pay lines or you will have no chance what so ever of winning that millionaire making progressive jackpot.

There is a bonus game which can be awarded to you when playing this slot, and even if you do not win the progressive jackpot you will still have a good chance of winning big as the slot do boast a high RTP and there are plenty of high valued reel symbols in play on its five vide reels too.