Be Careful When Playing at Casino Sister Sites

If you want to try your luck at a newly launched online casino or one that has been established for some time, but you have never played at before, then you really are going to find hundreds if not thousands of such sites available to you.

However, I do need to point out that many companies that operate casino sites will not just operate one single such site but they could run lots of them, and whilst that is not going to be a problem if you do sign up to a casino owned by a company whose casinos you have played at before, there is a risk you may fall foul of their bonus terms and conditions when doing so.

It is often going to be new player welcome sign up bonuses you are going to be eager to claim, and that could be the main reason why you do swap and change the casinos you play at regularly.

Therefore, when you do set about looking for somewhere new to play you need to be on your guard and make sure that if a casino is part of a chain of casinos, and you have played at any other casinos in that chain you are going to be allowed to claim the welcome bonuses at each of them.

Whilst most casinos will not have a problem with their players claiming a welcome bonus at every single site they own and operate, many other casinos will not allow you to do so, and it could often be the case that information is hidden deep in the casinos terms and conditions.

If you do inadvertently sign up to a casino, claim the welcome bonus and then win with those bonus credits you have claimed, but the terms and conditions stipulate that you are only limited to claiming one bonus at one site that is part of a chain of casinos, rather than at each casino, you will often find your winnings are voided out!

That is something no player is ever going to want to experience, so please do always ensure that any new casino sites that you do come across are not owned by a company whose casinos you have played at before but if so then double check to see if you can claim any bonuses that are on offer to you.

There can however be advantages of playing at some casinos that are part of a large chain of online casinos, for some of those sites will allow you to pool all the comp points you earn when playing at any of those casinos in one central account.

As such you will often find when doing so you will earn more comp points as you play, and will also move up through the tiers of any multi-tier comp club scheme those sites have on offer, so there are going to be procs and cons of playing at such sites, but always weigh up those pros and cons before you start to play!