Avoid High House Edge Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack has always been a game that casino card players will enjoy playing, for as soon as you have fully mastered playing any variant you are going to be able to get the house edge down to some very low amounts.

However, it does have to be said that many inexperienced or first time players will be blissfully unaware of which are the very best online Blackjack games to play.

With that in mind we want you to have the best chances of winning and as such in today’s casino game news story we are going to be passing onto you a  few tips on how you can locate the best paying variants and also how to play them perfectly.

The house edge is simply the percentage of each player’s stake that any casino site is expected to win from players over the long term, but that figure can change depending on the skill of the player and the individual game play rules and the payout you can achieve when playing.

The very first thing you should be looking for if you do fancy playing Blackjack online are the variants that have been designed with the very lowest house edge. When playing at say a Microgaming software powered casino site the one game which does offer the lowest house edge is the single hand Classic Blackjack game.

That variant has been designed in such a way that by playing each hand perfectly the house edge achievable is tiny at just 0.13%, meaning you are not going to lose anywhere near as much over the long term as you would playing any other variant.

Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack game is also both a low and a high stake game for you can wager as little as 1.00 per hand or as much as 200.00 per hand.

Be aware though that all casinos that do offer their range of games will also have a multi-hand version of Classic Blackjack on offer, however the house edge is much higher on that variant as there are more decks of playing cards in the shoe of the game!

Once you find that game and start to play it online you should then learn how to play each hand perfectly using the best strategy. There are a few standard playing and betting decision that you should stick to when playing it and we shall now pass onto your those hints and playing tips.

The insurance wager is one out should never take due to its high house edge, and whenever you have been dealt out a pair of Aces you should always split them. As soon you have been dealt out any pair of 10 valued cards the best playing move is for you to stand those hands and never split them.

One final tip for playing Classic Blackjack is to always stand your hand when it is worth a hard 17 or higher in value or when you have been dealt out any soft 19 or soft 20 hands.