Athletics Betting

iaafWe are going to be introducing you to the world of Athletics betting in this article and as such if you are looking for a range of sports betting sites or bookmakers sites at which to sign up to and bet at, this guide is certainly going to be of interest to you.

We will be showing you what makes a good athletics betting site that is worthy of your gaming action in this guide and as such make sure you read it through fully before you simply sign up to any betting site!

We will also be letting you know just what types of bets and wagers can be placed on Athletics meetings, and as such if you do not have any experience of betting on Athletics or may be a little unsure as to the many different types of bets and wagers you can place online or on a mobile deice, this read on and learn more.

Major Athletics Meetings

Obviously the big one for track and field athletics is the Olympics and most elite athletes gear themselves towards being at the top of their game when it rolls around every 4 years. Aside from that you’ve got the IAAF World Championships which happen in odd numbered years. The next event was in London in 2017, followed by Qatar in 2019. The IAAF World Indoor Championships happen in even numbered years, including years when the Olympics is on. They took place in Portland, USA in 2016 and Birmingham, UK in 2018.

Beyond that, each continent will have their own athletics championship and next on the list of prestige is the IAAF Diamond League. This typically consists of 14 events around the world starting in May, with the final event taking place in September. The athlete with the highest points total at the end of the league in each discipline wins ‘The Diamond Race’. The prize money for winning the Diamond Race in 2015 was $40,000.

Popular Athletics Bets

boltWe are now going to enlighten you as to what are the most commonly placed bets and wagers on Athletics meetings and events held throughout the world. If you have never placed a bet or wager before on sporting events, more so on the sport of Athletics then please read on for more information and to learn just which bets are bound to be of interest to you.

Outright Winner Bet – If you think you have an idea who the winner of any one single Athletic event will be, then the type of bet you will be best off placing is one known as an outright winner bet.

This is a bet on which you simply have to name the winner of any event and depending on the chances of that athlete winning that event a set of odds will be made available to you. The more favoured the athlete to win that event the lower the betting odds will be,

Eachway Bet – There are a couple of additional bets that are quite popular with fans of athletics and one of those bets is on known as an each-way bet. This is in fact two bets in one and when you place it you will be required to pick out any athlete to win a race for example, and if he or she does then you receive a winning payout on the win part of that bet.

However, there is a second bet you are covering when you place an eachway bet and that bet is one which will see you picking up a winning payout if your chosen athlete comes in one of the officially winning places in his or her next race.

So when you play an each way bet you are required to place two stakes but you are covering two bets both of which could be winning ones. The place part of an eachway bet is paid out as a percentage of the win odds on that event on your chosen athlete.

Place Bet – One final bet type that we would like to showcase to you is a place bet, this is a bet on which you only have to pick out one of the athletes in any chosen event to fill one of the official winning placed in that even such as first, second or third place.

The odds that will see your place bet being paid out at will be determined by the volume of place bets and wagers placed on each individual athlete.

Best Athletics Sportsbooks and Bookmaker Sites

As anyone who is passionate about placing athletics related bets and wagers online or via a mobile device, we would like to pass on a few tips to you regarding what you should be looking out for from any such betting site.

Below you will find an overview of just what you should be expecting and demanding from any sportsbook or bookmakers site to ensure you get a first class betting experience.

Currency Options – One important aspect to you becoming a mobile or online sports betting is having the ability of being able to make a deposit into your betting account in your own home currency.

The charges and fees that you will have to pay if you choose to deposit in another currency will soon mount up as they will also do if you withdraw your winnings regularly in a different currency to your own!

In Play Betting – Another type of betting market to look out for if you are wishing to place athletics related wagers is one known as an in play betting market. This is a way of you being able to place bets on several different sporting events but after they have started.

The odds on your chosen athlete will of course vary depending on just how well they are doing in their chosen event when you place an in play bet, however it will be another way for you to profit from your chosen athlete if they are in form!

Early Betting Markets – One final thing to make a note of is that a lot of betting sites will offer you something known as early prices and early betting markets.

Long in advance of any sporting event or sporting fixture starting many betting sites will offer you a range of different odds on many different betting opportunities available on those sporting events.

It is on the early betting markets which are something known as ante post betting markets where you are going to be able to secure the best odds that will be available on your chosen sporting event.

So always be prepared to place you wagers and bets well in advance, for if there is a large volume of wagers placed as the starting time of your chosen sporting event approaches then the odds can and will lower in value. In fact, some betting sites now offer best odds guarantees so if the early odds you took increase after you have taken them you get the higher odds instead!

Make sure to do your research before betting. This website is a great resource for athletics results and statistics