Are Automatic Roulette Games Worth Playing?

You will find automatic Roulette games are available in many brick and mortar land based casinos, but you may often come across them at live online casino sites, too.

The way in which those table games play is that they are not controlled and overseen by a Croupier, but instead use an electromechanical type of system to spin the wheel and the launch the ball into live play.

Players simply sit around the game and place their bets and wagers onto the touch screen in front of them, or when playing at home they place their bets and wagers onto the betting layout displayed on their computer screen using their mouse.

You may be wondering if there are going to be any benefits of you choosing to play automatic Roulette games rather than the more standard types of online software driven Roulette games or the live Roulette games offered at most casino sites.

Well, what you will often find when playing an automatic Roulette game is that you are going to find the gaming action much quicker than when for example you play Roulette in a land-based casino, for there is no delay in regards to the Croupiers paying out winning bets, removing losing bets from the layouts, and players placing their bets to the table.

So if you are looking for a rapid-fire type of gaming experience then that is certainly something that you are going to experience when playing automatic Roulette games.

However, keep in mind that it is always going to depend on the variant you have chosen to play as to the house edge that game will have on offer. So steer well clear of any double zero variants such as American Roulette for the house edge attached to that game is a huge 5.26% which is much higher than the 2.70% house edge offered on the European Roulette game!

One thing that I have noticed, however, when playing automatic Roulette in a land-based casino is that you earn a much lower number of comp points than you would when playing (for example) a slot machine or video poker game.

As such, if you do fancy playing automatic Roulette try to find a casino site or venue that is going to award you with a fair number of comp points, for the more you earn the more additional extras you can then redeem your accumulated comp points for.

You are rarely going to find online casino sites that are going to be showering you with lots of bonuses that can be used on any type of Roulette games, though, and those that do offer bonuses that can be in place on Roulette games often increase the play-through requirements that you have to achieve with your bonus credits before they become cash credits!

What I would encourage you to do is to actually set aside a little bit of play time to give an automatic Roulette game a whirl, as that way you can judge for yourself whether it is a game that does appeal to you or not.