All American Video Poker

all american video pokerYou are going to find the game of All American video poker is available at quite a number of different online casinos that are using different software providers’ games. However, when you are looking for a version of this game that returns the best payout percentage then we would recommend you play the variant offered at Microgaming software powered casino sites.

When you play All American video poker at these casino sites, if you put into play the optimum playing strategy you can expect, over your long term play, a payout percentage of some 99.38%!

You may however be wondering what is different about this particular video poker variant for when you take a look at its pay table there are no additional winning hand combinations listed on it when compared to some other fairly standard video poker game variants.

The main difference between this variant and most others is that the 2 pairs winning payout has been lowered which enables some of the high paying hand combinations to offer a slightly higher set of winning payouts.

The game does however play and pay in much the same way as all other Microgaming designed video poker games and as such you will find a varied range of staking options and you will of course be able to gamble any dealt out winning hand combinations value via the double or nothing card guessing gamble game.

But if you enjoy playing high paying video poker games then this will certainly be one to add to your list of games to play, and you can of course always test it out for free if you want to experience the way it does play and pay.

How to Play All American Video Poker

The aim of any video poker game you choose to play is for you to end any one single game with any of the winning hand combinations that are displayed on the pay table of those games.

If you are thinking of playing the All American video poker game then you will of course have the option of being able to play it for free at many online casino sites, and by playing it in a no risk format initially you will soon find out whether it is a game you will enjoy playing for real money!

As you may never have played All American video poker before or may not have played any other video poker game let us now move onto letting you know just how easy this game is to play.

By selecting the game from the games menu at your chosen online casinos site you will first have to choose just what coin value settings you would like to have in play, you will find you can pick from one of many different coin values so this game can be set as a low stake or a high stake game depending on your bankroll and playing style!

all american video poker pay table

Once you have chosen you preferred coin values you then have the option of playing one to five coins per hand and when you have made that decision simply click your mouse over the deal button and five cards will be dealt out to you from a single deck of playing cards.

Those cards you are dealt out will be displayed facing upwards and you then have to decide if you would like to hold any of them into position on the screen for the final stage of the game, you hold the cards by clicking onto them and then clicking on the deal button one final time will see the card you have not held being removed to be replaced with new ones dealt out of the deck.

Once your last set of playing cards have been added to the screen if you have formed one of the hand combinations that you can see listed on the pay table you are then paid out the associated number of coins with that winning hand combination.

All American Video Poker Strategy

One aspect to playing any variant of video poker online including the game of All American video poker is that you will be offered a double up gamble game as soon as you have formed a winning hand combination.

As a player you could be tempted to make use of the gamble game option for it does give you the chance of turning a small valued hand combination into a much higher paying one if you have a successful outcome on the gamble game.

However, the aim of playing video poker game such as the All American variant is to end your session in profit and that will call of you putting into place the best strategy possible. With that in mind and one very valuable playing tip is for you to disable the double up option if possible from the game settings tab and never choose to gamble any winnings achieved via the base game.

Just concentrate on trying to form as many of the higher valued paying hand combinations on the base game, for repeatedly taking the double up gamble option could see you quickly decimating your bankroll if you have a steady stream of losing outcomes on that game.

One other tip we can pass onto your for playing All American video poker is to make sure you have the coin value and staking option settings set to an amount that your gambling bankroll can sustain for playing for too high a stake may see you having a very short playing session if all does not go to plan!

If you do intend to actively get involved with playing All American or in fact any other type of video poker game online in a real money playing environment be aware that all online casino sites are going to offer you some form of comp club, so always compare what is being offered by those comp clubs to ensure you get the maximum rewards from your gaming action.

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