All Aces Video Poker

all aces video poker logoIf you enjoy playing video poker online, and you are looking for the best paying variant then you need look no further than the All Aces video poker variant which is on offer at all Microgaming software powered casino sites.

As a player who is seeking out the maximum winning opportunities when playing video poker the one aspect of choosing which variant to play is to determine just what the long term expected payout percentage that each game offers you with optimal play.

You will be looking for the game which is designed to return more of player’s stakes to them over their long term play. However, up until now trying to work out how high the payout percentage on any video poker game has been set did require a good head for numbers!

The pay table is where you could choose to look to find that information, however most online casinos site are now obliged to list on their websites the exact “return to player” percentage or RTP that every game is expected to return to players over the long term. As such finding the RTP of each game is now easy to do as you simply need to look it up on the casinos website or ask the support staff!

The game of All Aces video poker when you do decide to play it over at a Microgaming powered casino will return to you a payout percentage of a huge 99.92% over your long term play. However to achieve that figure you will need to play it optimally, and we will enlighten you as to how to do that below. As an interesting aside, it is the highest paying online casino game anywhere on the internet!

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How to Play All Aces Video Poker

The game of All Aces video poker will not take you very long to master playing, however as with all video poker games there is both a correct way and an incorrect way to play it! In the next section we are going to be giving you a few hints and tips in regards to how you can get the maximum returns when playing this game, so make sure you check that section out.

You will of course first need to open an account at a Microgaming software powered casino site, and once you log into your account you will be given the option of playing for free or offer real money. If it is the very first time you have played this variant then maybe you should give it some play time via the free play mode, just to get used to the game.

Having selected the game of All Aces from the video poker games category the game will then launch. You should first select which of the several different coin values you wish to have in play, and that is done by simply clicking on the coin values until your preferred one is activated.

all aces pay table

Next you will need to select how many coins to wager per hand, you have five options when playing this variant and can play from one to five coins per hand. Next you simply have to click onto the deal button and by doing so five cards will be dealt out to you from a single deck of cards.

You then have to use your skill and judgment to decide which, if any of those five cards to hold for the next stage of the game. You hold the cards by clicking on them, and once you have made your decision you then click onto the deal button one final time and the cards you have not held are replaced by new ones dealt out of the deck.

If you form any of the winning hand combinations as listed on the pay table of this game you are then awarded the corresponding number of coins. You will however be given the option of trying to increase the value of that winning payout by taking the gamble game option.

If you decide to gamble your winnings from the base game you will have to pick one of four face-down cards that are dealt out to you which you think will be higher than the face up card. If you choose correctly your winning payout formed on the base game is doubled and you can guess again, however an incorrect decision will see you losing that base game payout!

All Aces Video Poker Strategy

To play the Microgaming supplied All Aces video poker game optimally, before you start to play the game itself click onto the option settings tab. When you do you will see an option for turning on the auto hold feature.

When you then start to play the game with that option activated when you have been dealt out your initial five card hand the software will automatically hold the best cards for you on that hand to save you from any guesswork from!

So with that option in play you will no longer be faced with having to guess what the best cards to hold are as the software does it for you based on perfect strategy for this variant. It kind of takes the skill out of the game a little bit, but on the other hand it offers you a good chance at winning.

Another tip we can pass onto you is in regards to how many coins you should stake per hand. As the jackpot hand on the All Aces game is enhanced in value when compared to the lower stake jackpot payouts the only way out should play this variant is by putting into play 5 coin hands!

To make that affordable based on your current gambling bankroll you should adjust the coin values accordingly, to ensure you can play off maximum coin hands on each game of the All Aces video poker game you choose to play.

Also be on the lookout for casino bonuses which allow you to use the bonus credits on video poker games, for you are going to get way more chances of winning when playing the All Aces variant with bonus funds when you put into play the above strategy, due solely to this variant offering the very highest payout percentage of any Microgaming designed video poker game.

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