Aces and Faces Video Poker

aces and faces video pokerAsk any experienced video poker player which are going to be the best games to play, and they will tell you the games offering payout percentage in excess of 99% are the ones most players who want the best chances of winning will make a beeline to play!

As soon as you register as a player at Microgaming or Playtech software powered casinos sites you are going to be spoilt for choice in regards to which video poker games you can choose play, either as a free no risk player via the demo modes or as a real money player!

However, games such as the Aces and Faces video poker games are always going to be games worth sitting down to play, for they are available as multi stake games which ensures no matter what your gambling bankroll is, you will find an affordable stake level to play them for, and in addition to that when you play this variant optimally you will find that the expected payout percentage is high working out at some 99.26%.

Keep in mind that every single video poker game you come across will be structured in a different way, and the main difference that you will find on offer on the Aces and Faces video poker game variant is that the 4 of a kind hand combinations have a range of enhanced payouts attached to them.

That does of course mean that for you to achieve the best winning payouts you will be aiming to form as many of those hand combinations as is possible, so a slightly different playing strategy is required!

Below we have put together a very easy to understand and follow game guide that will enlighten you as to how you can play this game at either a Playtech or Microgaming powered casino site and we will also be passing onto you a few playing tips to allow you to master playing it online, so read on as this is a game you may just be interested in playing.

Where to Play Aces and Faces Video Poker

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How to Play Aces and Faces Video Poker

Both Playtech and Microgaming have several different variants of the Aces and Faces video poker game on offer at their respective casinos, and as such if you do fancy playing the single hand or the multi hand variants of this game then simply sign up to any of the many different casinos that utilize either of those two companies software platforms.

By selecting the variant you wish to play the game will then load and launch onto your computer screen, and the first decision that you are going to have to make is what coin value settings you would like to play the game for.

Keep in mind that if you are playing the multi hand variants the coin settings do go lower than the coin value setting you will find attached to the single hand games! Once you have chosen the coin value setting you are comfortable playing this game for, next simply choose whether you wish to play one to five coins per hand and then click onto the deal button.

At that stage in the game five cards will then be randomly selected and dealt out to you facing upwards, you then have to decide which card you wish to hold by simply clicking onto them. Each card you click will be highlighted with the word held and then you need to give the deal button one final click.

Any card you haven’t chosen to hold are removed from the screen with random cards chosen from the deck replacing those cards, if once those final set of cards are dealt out to you if you form a ranked hand combination as listed on the pay table you will then receive that hand combinations winning payout.

aces and faces

Both Microgaming and Playtech offer a gamble game option on their Aces and Faces video poker games and to take the gamble game option just click on the gamble button and then you get to play off a playing card guessing game.

Aces and Faces Video Poker Strategy

As soon as you start to play some of the more unusual video poker games such as the Aces and Faces variant you will always need to be aware that the correct strategy for playing this variant is going to be quite different from the strategy used on some of the more standard variants such as for example the game of Jacks or Better.

As a lot of the higher ranked hand combinations come with boosted winning payout, it is of course those hand you will be hoping to form on the second stage of the game.

With that in mind and to save you having to spend what could turn out to be ages learning every possible hand combination and how to correctly play off the first round of the game you should simply turn on the auto hold option which is found in the settings tab for this game.

When you turn on that option setting when you have clicked onto the deal button and have then been dealt out your initial five cards the software ill then choose automatically the very best cards to hold and will hold them for you.

That will mean you are no longer going to make any type of playing error at the initial stage of the game and will always be playing the correct strategy for this game. So do make sure before you click deal for the very first time after launching this game you turn on that auto hold option setting!

One additional way that you are not going to have a negative effect on the long term expected payout percentages of the Aces and Faces video poker game variant is by you never taking the gamble game double up option. So when you have been dealt out a winning hand combination always make sure the button you click on is the collect button and not the gamble game button!

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