3 Card Poker Guide

3 card poker tableBe aware that the game of 3 Card Poker can go by several other names like 3 card brag, however when you come across this game or any of the other similar variants the way the games play and the betting options you will be offered on various different betting opportunities can vary depending on where you are playing the game.

What makes 3 Card Poker a very unique casino card game is that you are faced with playing it in one of several different ways and it will be the value of your hand alone or the value of your hand when compared to the Dealers hand which will determine whether you have won or lost.

With that in mind please do read through this playing guide, for we are fairly confident that if you do enjoy playing casino card games you will find it a very intriguing game to play, and with some luck in playing it for real money online there can be some very high valued winning payouts that can be achieved.

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Playing 3 Card Poker

There are three betting decisions on offer to you when playing 3 Card Poker, you can place something known as a Pairs Plus bet on its own, or you can play the Ante Bet game or you can place both of those two quite different bets together in the same hand.

The Pairs Plus bet will see you placing your chip or chips onto the Pairs Plus betting box, and when you do so the Dealer will then deal out three cards to his hand and your hand and it will be the value of your hand alone that determines whether you win or not.

When placing that particular bet either alone or alongside the Ante Bet you will be hoping your hand contains a Pair or matching cards, a Flush, a Straight hand, a 3 of a kind hand or a Straight Flush. If so you will receive a winning payout based on the amount you wagered on that betting opportunity of even money, 4 to 1, 6 to 1, 30 to 1 and 40 to 1 respectively.

However, if you choose to place the Ante Bet then the aim of that game is for your hand to be a higher ranked hand than that of the Dealer. You will be dealt out three initial cards and the Dealer will also be deal tout three initial cards, however whilst you can see all of the cards in your hand you will only get to see one of the Dealers three cards.

If after placing your Ante Bet you think your hand based on its value has a very good chance of winning then you must place a Play Bet which will be an equal valued second bet on your hand.

Once one you have placed your Play Bet the Dealers hand will then be revealed. The Dealers hand must contain a Queen card or any higher valued ranked hand for that hand to Qualify, if the Dealers Hand does not qualify and your hand is higher than his you are paid out at odds of even money on your Ante Bet and the Play Bet is a push bet, so you just get your stake back on that hand.

If you have is a lower ranked hand than the Dealers your will lose your Ante Bet and Play Bet. However, if the Dealers Hand does contain at least a Queen or any higher ranked hand then if your hand beats the Dealers in value and ranking then Both your Ante and Play Bets are paid out at even money.

Bonus Payouts

There is also a set of Ante Bet bonus payouts you can be awarded with if your hand is worth a Straight Hand, a 3 of a Kind or a Straight and those payouts when you beat the Dealers hand are worth even money, 4 to 1 and 5 to 1 respectively.

3 Card Poker Strategy

Due to the house edge of the game based on the winning payout you can achieve when playing 3 Card Poker, you are going to find the best game to play is the Ante Bet game as opposed to the Pairs Plus betting option.

3 Card Poker and Casino Bonuses

Also be aware that due to the low house edge that can be achieved when playing 3 Card Poker you will rarely find any casino bonuses that can be used on this casino card game, however if you do come across a bonus that can be used on 3 Card Poker make sure the play through requirements are not too high.

All in all you may quite enjoy playing 3 Card Poker as, due to it being a completely random game, you can experience a lot of winning hands in a short space of time.

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