Want More Chances of Winning a Slot Game Jackpot?

This year you may be hoping that you have plenty of winning sessions when playing slot machines online and may have decided that you will put into place a brand new slot playing strategy as part of your New Year’s resolutions!

If that is the case and you want to have more chances of winning several slot machine jackpots then today’s article will be right up your street! For below we are going to give you an insight into several different ways you can play lots of different online slots to increase your chances of actually winning a jackpot.

Whilst you are always going to be fully at the mercy of Lady Luck irrespective of where you play slot games and how you play them, by knowing of and about the following slot playing strategies and putting them into live play when you next log into your chosen online casino site you may have a much increased jackpot of walking off with one or more jackpots.

If you do like what you read below then do have a look around our website as we do have a range of additional slot playing tips you will find of great interest too!

Play Low Variance Slots –  If any slot machine you come across has a much lower valued jackpot and boasts a low variance type of playing structure and format there is much more chance you are going to win that jackpot the more you play it!

Play Slots with Several Jackpots – The more jackpots attached to any slot game, as long as they are not mega sized progressive jackpots, the more chances there will be when playing them of winning the jackpots. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot game series awards its two lowest progressives extremely frequently!

Wait until Jackpot is at a New High – If you choose to play any slot machine on which there is a network wide progressive jackpot up for grabs on that slot then the best time to play that slot is when the jackpot has reached a new all time high.

The reason why that slot is worth playing when its jackpot has become high in value than it has ever been is that it is overdue and may about to be won.

Pool Your Resources with Other Players – Many husband and wife slot players will pool their resources and will play slot games together using just one of their accounts, that way they get double the chances of winning a jackpot with their twice as large starting bankroll! Just make sure you abide by any casinos rues on multiple accounts from one address to I.P address

Use Bonus Credits – There are always going to be bonuses you can claim at each of our featured casinos, and by claiming such a bonus and stating to play with more credits, the more chances you will then have of winning one or more jackpots over the long term by claiming those bonuses.