Low Cost Ways to Get to Vegas

We were jet-setting over the 2016 Christmas and New Year period and decided to spend a well earn holiday in Las Vegas to see in the new year of 2017!  Looking back on that, there are some good tips to share with you for travel and accommodation.

What we did notice is that depending on which country you live in and what airline and land based casino you choose to stay at, there can be a whole world of difference in regards to the cost of such a holiday.

With that in mind if you are currently in the UK or Europe we would like to pass on some very handy tips in regards to how you can get to Vegas without having to spend a small fortune doing so, and as such if that is something you are thinking of doing this year then please read on!

Choosing an Airline – Usually the largest cost of any holiday to Vegas you are going to have to pay if you are going there from the UK or Europe is the cost of the airline ticket, however we have found a great way to get that cost down to a very manageable one!

Most European countries and we will include the UK in that as Brexit has not happened at the time of writing this news report, have some form of Air Passenger Tax duty that adds a small fortune onto the cost of international flights.

However, if you get a direct flight to Vegas from say Denmark, Norway or Sweden you will not be paying a huge chunk of your ticket price as tax and will therefore make some huge saving.

We chose to fly with Norwegian Airlines, for by doing so the cost of our one way ticket to Vegas was a tad over £100 as was the return ticket! We flew from the UK to Oslo in Norway using Ryanair and the flight cost was just £10 each way and then from Oslo to Vegas for £100 each way!

You really should consider flying to another European country such as those listed above for if we have chosen to fly from the UK direct to Vegas with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic the cost of doing so would have been well over £700 each when we went!

Choosing a Hotel – If you do want to get to Vegas and want to keep the costs down low then Hotel/Casinos that are based in the Downtown area are way cheaper than those directly on the Las Vegas Strip.

We however opted to stay for some of our trip at the Stratosphere Casino and Hotel, as by doing so we have found they always comped our hotel rooms by giving that casino a fair chunk of our gambling action. They also tend to send us regular offers and promotions to stay there in the future.

In fact, whilst staying there this year we were given free accommodation, free buffets and free drinks and amazingly we also got a VIP invitation to their New Year’s Eve party!