Vegas Slot and Players Clubs

Having spent several weeks in Vegas recently we thought it would be informative to put together a series of news stories that may be of great interest to anyone planning on visiting any part of Las Vegas in the coming days, weeks or months.

This particular one is looking at what you can expect when you join up to a land based bricks and mortar casino Players Club in Vegas, so you can compare it to the types of rewards and little extras you are rewarded with when playing at an online casino site.

Joining a Players Club – To join up to any land based casinos Players Club you need to visit the Players Club booth and present photo I.D, and then fill in a registration form and then you will be presented with your card. Make sure that you do this before you start to play as you can then use your card straight away and will start to reap the benefits of doing so!

Earning Base Points – If you play any slot or video poker machines make sure that you insert your card into the machine you are playing and make sure the card has been accepted as that way you will not lose any points when you start to play those machines.

You will also earn points when playing table games, but you need to hand over your card to the Croupier or Dealer who will then hand it to the Pit Boss and he or she will ensure your gaming action is rewarded with base comp points.

Tier Points – As you are then earning your base points you will also be earning something known as Tier Points, and those points will determine just how far you progress up the tiers of their comp club, so the more Tier Points you earn the faster you will earn base points!

If you do make it to another level of the Players Club you will then be able to exchange your Players Card for a different coloured one which will allow you to take advantage of additional extras.

Redeeming Your Points – As soon as you have earned enough Base Points you will then be able to exchange them for one of many different things. You will be able to exchange your points for cash depending on just how many points you have earned.

You may prefer to exchange your points for slot play and by doing so you will get a much better exchange rate for your points than if you had opted for cash.

Another thing you will be able to exchange your comp points for are casino comps which can include meals, drinks and also free hotel rooms, and the exchange rate you get when redeeming your accumulated comp points for casino based comps will be much better value than cash or slot play!

If you do progress up through the tiers of the Players Club you are also going to be offered additional and ongoing free hotel rooms and may even be offered free slot play too on any additional visits you make to that casino venue.