Too Many Players Overstake their Slot Spins

Whilst we do cover quite a range of different topics on our daily news stories and playing guides, we do feel every now and then we need to bring to your attention some of the many different playing errors quite a lot of slot players make.

One mistake is staking each spin too high, for as a slot player you need to very carefully equate your currently available bankroll to the stakes you play off each slot games spin for.

It is however dependent on the type of slot playing experience you want as to just how much you should be wagering on each slot spin you play off, and to give you a few pointers in regards to several different ways of playing any online or mobile slots below you will find an overview of some of them.

Alongside each we will also be letting you know what percentage of your available bankroll you should be wagering per spin, in regards to the type of slot playing experience you want to have. Just make sure you always keep a sane level head when playing slots in any playing environment, for it can be very tempting to overspend!

Double or Nothing Staking Strategy – If you want to play your favourite slot games with a double or nothing playing strategy in pace then you are going to be best of playing those slots for a round stake amount.

If you have for example 50.00 in your casino account and want to try and double it, then we would suggest you play off each spin for 1.00 or 2.00 if that is an option to wager that amount on the slot you are playing.

Boom or Bust Staking Strategy – Playing in a boom or just way will see you playing for much higher stakes than you would normally do, but by doing so it will only take one high valued winning spin to put your well into profit. Max bet spins are what are called for when playing in such a way!

Stop at a Win Staking Strategy – You will be able to play this system for any stake level you like, the idea being you will simply stop playing if at any point in time in your playing session you end up with more than you started with, no matter how little profit you make!

Low Risk Staking Strategy – You will need to play low variance slot machines and play them for the very minimum of stake amounts if you want to have in place a very low risk slot playing session, look around our website or details of which slots do have the lowest variance.

Playing for Bonus Games – If you want to play slot games with the main aim of triggering a bonus game then you will be best advised to split up your available bankroll in such a way you will then be able to play off at least 150 spins from that bankroll!