Tailoring Your Online Slot Playing Sessions

When you sign up to an online casino site and then log into your account using any of the different gaming platforms, you will of course come across the casino lobby which gives you access to the games menu, the customer support team and the banking interface too.

However, once you have made a deposit, claimed any bonus you have qualified for and have launched you chosen slot machine to play you will also find there will be a range of different option settings that will allow you to configure and tailor your own unique gaming experience when playing that slot.

Those option settings are often overlooked by players, however it is often beneficial for you to double check to see just what configurable option settings are available to you, for by doing so you may find you have a much more enjoyable gambling session when you make use of them.

With that in mind below are just some of the many ways that you will be able to play slot machines at many of our featured and approved casino sites in a way that you will find appealing and possibly in a much more enjoyable way too.

Screen Size Options – Due to the high definition graphics, animated reel symbols and also the way that most of the new online slot games have been designed you should always try and play them in their full screen size.

By doing so we guarantee that you will enjoy the way the slots will envelop you and give you a much more full rounded slot playing experience. Online slots do tend to be better slots to play than mobile slots, due to the bigger screen size options!

Slow or Fast Play – Another option setting you should consider making use of is the slow or fast play option, by selecting that option setting you can speed up or you can slow down the rate at which the reels will spin and stop on the slot machine you have chosen to get stuck into playing.

Tabbed Browser – Microgaming software powered casinos have an unusual option that you may be interested in, that is known as the tabbed browser and lets you play more than one slot or casino game side by side and simultaneously, which is of course ideal for players looking for the maximum gaming action!

Sound Options – You can lower or increase or even mute the sound effects or even pick out the one you only want to hear when playing more online slot games, but you should always play with the sound effects on and up for the maximum slot playing experience!

Auto Play Options – One final set of option settings that may just appeal to some of you slot players out there are the auto play options, by choosing to use the auto pay settings you can set the slot to play itself in a way chosen by you with all manner of additional options too!