Online Fruit Machines Offer More Entertainment

If you do not originate from the UK then you will probably have never seen something known as a Fruit Machine before, for they are a type of slot machine that is found in all manner of different locations across Great Britain.

Due to the very relaxed and liberal gaming laws in the United Kingdom you will find low stake Fruit Machines that are located in cafes, pubs and clubs and various other locations, however the much higher stake ones tend to be available in a fully licensed gambling venues such as amusement arcades and casinos.

Fruit Machines are collectively known as Amusement with Prize (AWP) machines, and as the name does suggest unlike the more standard casino slot machines those machines offer players a much higher level of amusement and entertainment.

The way in which they do so is to have a huge, and we do mean huge, number of bonus features and bonus games built in to them that tend to trigger extremely frequently. As such if you want to play very entertaining and bonus game packed slots read on to find out what additional extras online Fruit Machines have to offer you, too!  See our fruit machine playing tips here.

Adjustable Staking Options

Many land-based available Fruit Machine offer fixed coin settings, and you are often required to play them for much higher stake levels than you may feel comfortable doing. When playing online Fruit Machines the staking options are much more variable.

Higher Online Jackpots

There is one main attraction for any serious and avid Fruit Machine player of the online versions of those games, and that is the jackpots attached to online versions are much higher in value than anything a Fruit Machine could award you with when playing them in a pub or club or amusement arcade!

Better RTPs Online

The payout percentages on offer on land based Fruit Machines could be as low as 70%, however you will not find online Fruit Machines coming with such pitiful payout percentages as many of the ones available at our featured casino sites have RTP’s in the mid to high 90% range.

Hours of Fun for Tiny Stakes

We really would encourage you to try out some of the many different Fruit Machines that can be accessed online, for if you want lots of much longer slot playing sessions for the minimum of stakes then you will not find any better slots to play.

As most Fruit Machines have just one single payline and they only allow you to wager one coin per spin on that payline you will not have to play for very high stake amounts!

Huge Range of Online AWPs

The range and diversity of online Fruit Machines is going to be much greater in number than you will find on offer in any land based venue and as such for the biggest and best choice you should be playing those gaming machine online as opposed to playing them in a land based venue!