Land Based Slot tournaments

You may be quite familiar with the way in which online slot tournaments work, however if you have been looking over our recent news stories you may be aware we have been in Vegas for several weeks, and as such today we are looking at how land based casino slot tournaments are designed.

One thing worth knowing however is that when in Vegas you are often rewarded with a free slot tournament entry if you simply sign up to a casinos players club or join up and earn a small number of comp points within a set period of time of joining up to that club.

So make sure that is something you do the minute you arrive in Vegas, after checking into your hotel room of course! Below are the pros and cons of land based slot tournaments which you may be interested in knowing about if you ever do decide to visit Las Vegas.

Types of Slots – Many of the older casinos tend to us a special set of roped off slot machines as their tournament slots, however you will often find those slots are quite old too and as such are often simple three reel slots.

We have noticed some of the newer casinos will use video slots as their tournament slots and when playing on those machines during a slot tournament you will certainly find them more entertaining and exciting than the classical type of slot machines!

Entry Fees – The majority of land based slot tournaments in Las Vegas are invited guest only events and as such you are usually sent out an invitation as one of their higher ranked members of the Players Club and will often not be required to pay an entry fee, much like the new Players Club members slot tournaments.

However, some land based casinos will have paid to enter slot tournaments, and as such when entering those you will be required to pay an entry fee of which a percentage of the fee is paid into the prize pool.

Re-Buys and Add-Ons – A handful of land based slot tournaments will allow you to retake your initial entry if you pay a Re-Buy fee, that fee is usually the same as the initial entry fee and by purchasing a Re-Buy your initial score is wiped clean and you get to take your initial entry again in an attempt to earn more points.

We never came across any land based casinos that would allow you to carry on paying from the point you finished your original entry by purchasing an Add-On or as they are also known as a continue, so those additional entry types may only be found when playing at an online casino site.

Slot Tournament Prizes – It will always be dependent on just what type of slot tournament you enter in a land based casino as some offer small or large cash prizes and some may also give away cars, holidays and even slot play to those players who finish lower down the Leaderboard!